HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital Of Franklin 32-Year-Old Patient Finds Hope


Jennifer Miller Jennifer Miller is no stranger to pain. In fact, the 32 year old has been in pain for half of her life beginning at age 16 with a herniated lumbar disc injury after falling from the top bunk bed onto a concrete floor. In 2014, she suffered multiple traumatic injuries after a motor vehicle accident. In addition, she has had multiple spinal surgeries causing increased pain because of degenerative disc disease. Then, January 2016 brought about the need for spinal fusion and the replacement of prior surgical hardware. If surgery was not bad enough, a spinal cord injury occurred as a result of it. She has had many setbacks over the years, but has found hope thanks to HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Franklin.

After her surgery in January, Miller was initially referred to a nursing home that was not a good fit for her, but was soon transferred to HealthSouth Franklin, an inpatient rehabilitation hospital designed to provide comprehensive therapy for patients recovering from spinal cord injury like Miller as well as stroke and other neurological disorders, brain injury, amputation, complex orthopedic conditions, and cardiac and pulmonary conditions.

At HealthSouth Franklin, Medical Director Dr. Scott Craig, a board-certified physiatrist, was able to manage her chronic and acute pain where she could actively participate in therapy sessions to rebuild strength, regain balance and focus on other her needs and issues. She spent 15 hours each week in therapy focusing on goals and preparing herself to return home at a higher functioning level.

Upon arrival to the hospital, Miller was barely able to walk the short distance from the hospital bed to the bathroom. When she was discharged 9 days later, Miller stated, “[I] was able to get to a point physically, at which I could walk, care for my daily needs and perform other activities independently, within a few weeks, which had taken a year to progress to from past surgeries.”

Source: HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Franklin

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